Issues with kernel / userland drivers after recent install and upgrade

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Sat Jun 2 09:42:55 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2 Jun 2007, illoai at wrote:

> On 01/06/07, youshi10 at <youshi10 at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>       I have the following issues with a clean install of 7-CURRENT;
>> they may be related to the GCC upgrade or other things.
> Probably not related to gcc4.2
>> Background:
>>       I started out with a virgin clean 6.2-RELEASE system, then went
>> straight to 7-CURRENT (synced yesterday) wit out installing anything
>> (to avoid having to reinstall packages, etc).
>> pass:
>> 1. I have pass compiled into the kernel statically, but /dev/pass* isn't
>> created on boot (devfs is running properly I believe).
> What SCSI devices do you have?

No real SCSI devices on my desktop; just the generic ones like cd, ses, etc. (In addition to those) just ahc on my server, but I don't think I'm going to go upgrading quite yet on my server because I don't want to kill one of my disk's functionality..

>> ohci/ukbd/ums:
>> 1. These aren't operating properly. I can't see any keyboard output
>> even though before when I didn't compile ukbd into the kernel the USB
>> keyboard worked magically with slight lag preceding the first input.
> "device ukbd" is in GENERIC . . .
> Assuming you commented it out, and you did not
> disinclude the module via /etc/make.conf, the lag
> was probably the module loading automagically.

I do WITHOUT_MODULES=* just for speed and to reduce the amount of stuff that gets compiled with buildworld. I figure that everything important should be compiled statically into the kernel, but then again that's me, and since my server/desktop aren't production machines I can take them down whenever I need to modify the kernel.

> I have the line
> usbd_enable="YES"
> in /etc/rc.conf, although I do not know
> where the heck it comes from, since it
> did not used to be needed under 6.1,
> and it does not appear in /etc/defaults/rc.conf

Yeah, got that too.

>> 2. The mouse cursor doesn't move whatsoever.
>> 3. OHCI isn't detected on boot, and I think that only UHCI is detected
>> properly, even though my board is EHCI/OHCI capable (Asus P5B-
>> Deluxe).
> % dmesg -a | grep hci
> perhaps?

I'll check on that again, but all I saw with an OHCI in it was the firewire stuff IIRC (something about Texas instruments, FWOHCI, etc).

Thanks :),

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