Ollivier Robert roberto at
Wed Apr 25 09:11:28 UTC 2007

According to John-Mark Gurney:
> >From the ATA spec:
> If there is data in the write cache, that data shall be written to the
> media. The BSY bit shall remain set to one until all data has been
> successfully written or an error occurs. 
> NOTE -- This command may take longer than 30 s to complete. 
> So, if I read the timeout correctly as 1 second, that's woefully short..

Default for all commands except FLUSHCACHE seems to be 5s with 2 retries.
FLUSHCACHE is timeout is 1s w/o retries at all in ata-disk.c.  As I said,
allowing one retry makes it running longer it still panics.

It panics inside UMA only if the FLUSHCACHE timeout occurs on both disks at
the same time, I've not been able to track it back and I don't have my
Macintel today with me.

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