Ollivier Robert roberto at
Tue Apr 24 11:53:42 UTC 2007

According to Daniel O'Connor:
> Hmm, it is a non fatal error for gjournal, I'm kind of surprised it's a 
> fatal one for ZFS..

It is not a fatal one for ZFS per se.  If I use ZFS in a configuration that
does not require writing on two disks (a gconcat-like configuration), it
works and FLUSHCACHE timeouts are not fatal.

As soon as I try to get it working in a more disk-intensive (raidz in that
case) way, it blows up with a panic.  It seems to point to a flaw in the
ata driver which may not be managing semaphores/mutex correctly or maybe in
the way it uses UMA zones (the panic starts there).

ZFS is only a very reproductible way of triggering the problem.

> If the cache flush really failed (eg due to a stuffed disk) then there 
> really is a problem, but IMO it is likely this is going to be caught by 
> a read or a write operation very soon.


> If it is a transient error then panicing seems to be about the worse 
> response :)

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