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Tue Apr 24 06:47:11 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 24 April 2007 14:44, William Josephson wrote:
> I've recently installed -CURRENT on a new machine after the
> LCD in my old one died.  I now have ZFS running as the root
> filesystem.  The result is very pleasant if a little slow,
> although that may be my disk.  I have noticed a fair number
> of messages of the form ``ATA - FLUSHCACHE timed out'' while
> running with ZFS.  Is this expected behavior when running on
> the bare metal?

I see this when using gjournal too.

I suspect the timeout on the flush cache command needs to be increased. 
I haven't got around to testing it but you could try increasing the 
timeout in ata-disk.c (around line 280) ->
    case BIO_FLUSH:
        request->u.ata.lba = 0;
        request->u.ata.count = 0;
        request->u.ata.feature = 0;
        request->bytecount = 0;
        request->transfersize = 0;
        request->timeout = 1;
        request->retries = 0;
        request->flags = ATA_R_CONTROL;
        request->u.ata.command = ATA_FLUSHCACHE;

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