Fix for memory leak in setenv/unsetenv (take 2)

Sean C. Farley sean-freebsd at
Fri Apr 20 00:31:21 UTC 2007

I have a new patch[1] that fixes memory leaks caused by repeated calls
to setenv() with varying-sized values or unsetenv().  The web page has a
better description about it.

I tested this with -STABLE with various applications.  Also, to help
check it further, I wrote a few regression tests for it.

Notes/questions I have:
1. Would making it more IEEE Std 1003.1-compliant be desired?
    a. FreeBSD's setenv() allows an '=' in the name and value to comply
       with other standards while this standard disallows it.
    b. FreeBSD's unsetenv() does not have a return value while this
       standard returns an int.  For the changes I made, this would be
2. The "feature"--it is under the BUGS section :)--of keeping all
    pointers returned by previous calls to getenv() valid regardless of
    any calls to setenv() is still there.  Keeping this requirement
    prevents a complete fix.
3. I previously thought about having the implementation initialize
    itself upon the library loading or called within crt1.c.  The problem
    with a library-load time method is that changes made to the environ
    variable do not persist at the execution of main().  The issue with
    calling it within crt1.c is that FreeBSD's malloc() would need to
    call __findenv_environ() to find MALLOC_OPTIONS when it is
    initialized to prevent a recursion into each other.  jasone@ helped
    me look at this.
4. Ignore dmalloc defines for now; they will be removed.

Basically, the patch contains sysenv.c and a change to the Makefile to
remove building of putenv.c and setenv.c.  To increase the speed of
putenv(), I have moved it into sysenv.c to make use of some internal
(static) functions.  I have just started with it, but I may leave it

Please let me know if you see any bugs.

sean-freebsd at

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