ZFS committed to the FreeBSD base.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at FreeBSD.org
Tue Apr 10 02:39:17 UTC 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 08:42:33PM -0500, Craig Boston wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 08:30:35PM -0500, Craig Boston wrote:
> > Even the vm.zone breakdown seems to be gone in current so apparently my
> > knowledge of such things is becoming obsolete :)
> But vmstat -m still works
> ...
> solaris 145806 122884K       - 15319671 16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096
> ...
> Whoa!  That's a lot of kernel memory.  Meanwhile...
> kstat.zfs.misc.arcstats.size: 33554944
> (which is just barely above vfs.zfs.arc_min)
> So I don't think it's the arc cache (yeah I know that's redundant) that
> is the problem.  Seems like something elsewhere in zfs is allocating
> large amounts of memory and not letting it go, and even the cache is
> having to shrink to its minimum size due to the memory pressure.

ARC and ZIO are the biggest memory consumers and they are somehow
connected. I just committed changes that should stabilize ZFS in this
regard. Could you try them?

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