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Max Laier max at
Sat Jan 21 15:04:09 PST 2006


On Friday 13 January 2006 20:19, I wrote:
> no big news since 6.0, but in the background there are many interesting
> projects:  Just now the new malloc has hit current, we hear promising
> numbers from the network performance crew, the first batch of security
> advisories is out and I'm sure some of you spent the holidays doing exiting
> stuff for FreeBSD as well.  Please tell us!
> This is the call for Status Reports of your project activity between
> October and now.  This is not limited to developers.  We want a broad
> spectrum of reports from everybody involved with FreeBSD.  Check the Status
> Report homepage[1] for earlier reports.
> Submission deadline is a week from now, January 20th!  I don't want to
> delay the publication much this time, so please write your report now! 
> Please use the XML-generator[2] or -template[3] and send your report to
> monthly at by next Friday.  Thanks a lot!

to date we have received only 11 reports, which - compared to earlier rounds - 
is a poor turnout.  I am wondering if we just had a quiet period, if you 
don't feel your projects are ready for prime-time or if you are just tiered 
of writting reports?

In either case, please let me know so we can do something about it.  If you 
want to submit a report - deadline is extended to Wednesday (25th).  Thanks!

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