Call for FreeBSD Status Reports

Max Laier max at
Fri Jan 13 11:18:54 PST 2006


no big news since 6.0, but in the background there are many interesting 
projects:  Just now the new malloc has hit current, we hear promising numbers 
from the network performance crew, the first batch of security advisories is 
out and I'm sure some of you spent the holidays doing exiting stuff for 
FreeBSD as well.  Please tell us!

This is the call for Status Reports of your project activity between October 
and now.  This is not limited to developers.  We want a broad spectrum of 
reports from everybody involved with FreeBSD.  Check the Status Report 
homepage[1] for earlier reports.

Submission deadline is a week from now, January 20th!  I don't want to delay 
the publication much this time, so please write your report now!  Please use 
the XML-generator[2] or -template[3] and send your report to 
monthly at by next Friday.  Thanks a lot!

As you write your report, did you consider to give a talk about your project 
at BSDCan?


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