Problem building new bsnmpd import on amd64

Harti Brandt hartmut.brandt at
Thu Jan 12 03:35:01 PST 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Peter Carah wrote:

PC>Harti Brandt wrote:
PC>> This should been fixed now (by building a shareable libdisk).
PC>> harti
PC>I waited several days before sending this query, just in case a fix came in.
PC>It didn't until late today (I cvsup'd this morning and it didn't come yet).
PC>Then why did it build just fine on i386, and fail (on my only 2 samples) only
PC>on amd64.  (I have a sparc64 but at the moment it doesn't run fbsd so I can't
PC>tell if it matters there or not...)  Perhaps the 32-bit arch only supports
PC>relocations that are common between shared and not?  Or that gcc doesn't try to
PC>get too fancy?
PC>I do understand the fix and all, just curious as to why it didn't 
PC>matter on i386.

It seems that amd64 relocation is different from, for example, sparc64 and 
doesn't allow to link non-pic static libraries into a shared object.


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