Problem building new bsnmpd import on amd64

Peter Carah pete at
Thu Jan 12 01:47:57 PST 2006

Harti Brandt wrote:
> This should been fixed now (by building a shareable libdisk).
> harti

I waited several days before sending this query, just in case a fix came in.
It didn't until late today (I cvsup'd this morning and it didn't come yet).

Then why did it build just fine on i386, and fail (on my only 2 samples) only
on amd64.  (I have a sparc64 but at the moment it doesn't run fbsd so I can't
tell if it matters there or not...)  Perhaps the 32-bit arch only supports
relocations that are common between shared and not?  Or that gcc doesn't try to
get too fancy?

I do understand the fix and all, just curious as to why it didn't matter on i386.

-- Pete

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