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> On Tuesday 03 January 2006 17:23, Jordan Sissel wrote:
>> On my grande circuit of trying to make mouse support better for FreeBSD,
>> I've finally come about to working on usb mice. I've done a bit of
>> research about usb hid, and I need some feedback on where I should take
>> usb mouse support.
> Oh, good! :)
>> Moral of this story is that I want to make known-broken mice work with
>> FreeBSD. This includes *several* Microsoft USB models, many ps/2 mice
>> (including usb->ps2 adapted mice), and probably others.
>> How can you help?  If you are having issues with mouse support in
>> FreeBSD I need to know the following:
>>    - Mouse model and brand (as specific as possible would help)
>>    - Symptoms of strange behavior
>>    - Environment (moused+ums? plain ums in X? plain psm in X? moused
>>      with serial mice?)
> Check usb/77604 for some mice known to have problems and for a fix for 
> them.

Indeed "Oh Good!"

I would soooo love to ditch the hacked knoppix-4 I'm currently net booting 
and nfs mounting to run on my thin client. (I guess a nfs mounted full dvd 
version of knoppix-4.0 with 4 more gigs of room to grow besides would have 
to be a fat client)
The only reason I'm using linux on this thing is because this usb wireless 
keyboard with built-in touch pad works under linux and not under freebsd, 
including 6.0 current as of several weeks ago.


Symptoms: keyboard works fine, mouse is unrecognized. (neither at the OS or 
X levels)
It's been several weeks since I gave up so I'll need to perform tests again 
to define "mouse is unrecognized" better.
I _think_ on the latest ThinBSD, which is 5.4-release, and all later 
versions, that the touch pad pointer works but not the buttons. I may be 
misremembering but we don't have to guess once I try it again.
Some people have said it might be that it's because there is a single usb 
wireless receiverfor 3 devices (keyboard, built-in touchpad mouse, and a 
seperate optical mouse which I don't happen to use.) And the keyboard sort 
of takes exclusive control of the usb device. I'm very fuzzy on the low 
level workings of usb in any os, or drivers in any os for that matter.
But I know how to capture kernel messages and perform other tests upon 
I have a net booting copy of 6.0-current from some weeks ago all ready to 
boot on demand so I can resume testing fairly easy. And I can build new 
kernels & world for it no problem.
I can also capture various diagnostics from the fully working linux too.
I've even offered to buy and ship one of these kits for anyone if they want 
to work on making it work (you get to keep it) That offer still stands.
The device works out of the box, no drivers, on XP and I can use usbsnoop if 
desired too to capture xp traffic, but since it already works on linux then 
the code to make it work is already out there to be mined right?

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