usb mouse support update plans

Jonathan Fosburgh jonathan at
Tue Jan 3 16:55:14 PST 2006

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 17:23, Jordan Sissel wrote:
> On my grande circuit of trying to make mouse support better for FreeBSD,
> I've finally come about to working on usb mice. I've done a bit of
> research about usb hid, and I need some feedback on where I should take
> usb mouse support.

Oh, good! :)

> Moral of this story is that I want to make known-broken mice work with
> FreeBSD. This includes *several* Microsoft USB models, many ps/2 mice
> (including usb->ps2 adapted mice), and probably others.

> How can you help?  If you are having issues with mouse support in
> FreeBSD I need to know the following:
>    - Mouse model and brand (as specific as possible would help)
>    - Symptoms of strange behavior
>    - Environment (moused+ums? plain ums in X? plain psm in X? moused
>      with serial mice?)

Check usb/77604 for some mice known to have problems and for a fix for them.
Jonathan Fosburgh

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