[patch] new moused and psm patchset

Ron Tarrant rtarrant at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 21 13:51:07 UTC 2006

Hi Jordan,

I'm very interested in your work on the newmoused project. I have a 
set-up that just can't find psm0 (USB mouse with USB to PS/2 adaptor 
plugged into a 4-port KVM switch).

When I tried to download the source from:


I get a "the page you are looking for is not available" error.

Would it be possible for you to either e-mail the source to me or point 
me at a site where I can download it?

I'm using FBSD 6.1-RELEASE so I'm not sure I want to deal with the patch 
you've made available for 6.1-CURRENT. I'm guessing it will break something.

Also, can I still follow the instructions you've outlined on the 
above-mentioned page for 6.1-RELEASE?

Take care.

-Ron T.

Ron Tarrant
Blog:<A HREF="http://www.writingup.com/blog/phpgtk2">PHP-Gtk2</A>

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