[RFC] (very) small ifmedia.c cleanup

Thomas Quinot thomas at FreeBSD.ORG
Mon Aug 21 07:19:46 UTC 2006

* Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez, 2006-08-21 :

> I was looking at src/sbin/ifconfig/ifmedia.c source, and noticed that the
> handling of IFM_ETHER and IFM_ATM was identical.  Also noticed the use of
> goto that, IMHO, could be clearer if made with a plain if (), very similar
> to the condition a few lines above each occurence of the gotos.

Looks good to me. The more factoring, the merrier! I think you could even
push things a little further and aggressively factor what can be factored
between print_media_word and print_media_word_ifconfig.
> Now I'm wondering if this diff looks good, as it is a first one I'm sending
> over here.  The send-pr(1) seemed to be just too much noise, but if that's
> the correct way, please let me know.  The diff is against -current.

It never hurts to submit a PR, it helps keeping track of the discussion
of a patch, the commit, and any possible subsequent action.


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