Can I pursuade someone to commit this patch? (Re: Multiple IP addresses in a jail.)

Phil Regnauld regnauld at
Tue Aug 1 08:45:26 UTC 2006

Josef Karthauser (joe) writes:
> Dear current folk, I'm forwarding this thread from the -net list where I
> asked the question, is it possible to have more than one IP address in a
> jail?  The answer is yes, with Pawel's patch.  The question here is can
> I pursuade anyone to commit this to head and MFC it please?  The
> motivation is simple.  I need to run a second SSL web server inside of a
> jail, however that needs another IP address because SSL is incompatible
> with HTTP/1.1.

	We have been using these patches all the way back since 5-CURRENT and
	they work very stable for us.  I seem to remember that there were
	some reservations about the way it was being done, but for that matter
	it wouldn't be the first hack in jail (like u_int32_t for the ip_number
	in struct jail :)

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