Losing ssh session when doing intensive disk I/O & background fsck with RELENG_6

Listas listas at informatica.info
Fri Sep 30 13:27:00 PDT 2005

Only have this in the dump directory:

vega# ll /var/crash
total 2
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  5 Sep 19 00:24 minfree
vega# cat /var/crash/minfree

No vmcore, but haven't seen any system crash anyway.

I use the system defaults:

dumpdev="AUTO"          # Device to crashdump to (device name, AUTO, or
dumpdir="/var/crash"    # Directory where crash dumps are to be stored
savecore_flags=""       # Used if dumpdev is enabled above, and present.


Robert Watson wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>> The boot process is trying to configure the dump device before swapon 
>>> and it fails, but that's not the real problem I report here.
>> It's not clear that it's a problem at all.  dump devices don't have to 
>> be pre-existing swap devices.  If you tell your kernel to dump on 
>> /dev/ar0s1b it should be fine.
> At some point someone changed the default setting to "automatically 
> configure dumping" which resulted in odd warnings during the boot.  I've 
> trimmed a few, and hope to trim the last few.  Autoconfiguration of 
> dumps is neat and all, but lots of odd warnings for users isn't really.  
> It would be interesting to know if it works though -- the warnings 
> suggest that dumps aren't found because the dump device isn't 
> autoconfigured until after dumps are checked for...
> Robert N M Watson

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