[brooks@FreeBSD.ORG: [src] cvs commit: src/etc pccard_ether]

Warner Losh imp at BSDIMP.COM
Wed Sep 28 16:15:04 PDT 2005

> I've just committed the following change to /etc/pccard_ether.  I think
> it's the right solution, but I'm concerned it may cause problems with
> drivers that incorrectly frob the IFF_UP flag themselves.  If so it may
> be nessicary to revert this change temporarily or at least not MFC it.

This change converts the "I already have an address" check to be a
"I'm up" which are two different things.  dhclient leaves the
interface up when it exits, even if it can't get an address.  I think
that might cause a lot of problems for people.  I originally had this
test in pccard_ether, but changed it to checking for netmask because
roving from network to network didn't work without it on my laptop
with multiple network interfaces.

I think it will have issues on more than just these naughty drivers.


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