amd64+gdb -- instant reboot (BETA5 and 4)

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Sep 27 23:24:22 PDT 2005

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>>It's definitely not known. Any chance you could hook up a serial
>>console to log the output. It'll be pretty hard to debug otherwise.
>>Sounds like you're likely getting a triple fault.
> I tried to set up the serial console today and could not. What I thought
> is a null modem cable, apparently, is not...
> Is there not a single person on these lists with an amd64 already
> connected via a serial console? The bug is extremely easy to reproduce
> -- just try to run timidity from inside gdb, stop it, and try to exit...
> I do not see this bug in the 6.0R/todo.html and am worried, 6.0 will
> ship with the bug in it...
> 	-mi

It's very hard to put entries in the TODO list that are not confirmed or 
characterized.  This isn't a criticism of you, just a fact that we can't
assign priority to bugs that we simply have little information on.


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