[RFC] Patch to add GEOM support to libdisk and sysinstall

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.strobl at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 19:01:01 PDT 2005

Am Donnerstag, 15. September 2005 18:59 CEST schrieb Craig Rodrigues:
> Hi,
> I have been working on a patch to add GEOM support
> to libdisk and sysinstall.  These

I guess this would also fix 

I hope not another release will include this bug!



> fixes allow you to label a disk which you
> currently have a partition mounted on.
> This is one of the "Desired features" for
> the 6.0-RELEASE.  I copied a lot of code
> from boot0cfg and bsdlabel into libdisk.
> My code is available in  Perforce on the
> "rodrigc_libdisk_geom" branch.
> Also attached are patches against CURRENT CVS.
> Note: my code is not in CVS yet.
> Since I am new to GEOM and disk partitioning
> issues, I would appreciate any feedback.
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