6.0-CURRENT SNAP004 hangs on amr (patch)

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Sat Sep 10 22:21:39 PDT 2005

Joao Barros wrote:
> On 9/11/05, Scott Long <scottl at samsco.org> wrote:
>>Thanks for the invesitgative work.  I strenously objected to this change
>>when it went in, and this kind of problem is precisely the reason why.
>>Turning off device power on the PCI bus willy-nilly is such an
>>incredibly bad idea, even if the hope with it is to get a few extra
>>minutes of battery life on a laptop.
>>I worked around this problem with the AAC devices, but I don't know if
>>the AMR devices can be worked around the same way.  I've asked Warner in
>>private to back out the change.  If he refuses, then I'm afraid that
>>you'll need to remember an undocumented workaround, or find another OS.
> It took me more than a week and almost 20 kernel (and some
> buildworlds) compilations to get the problem identified and be able to
> use a workaround. It will take me much more than that to make me walk
> from FreeBSD :)
> I can't stress enough my respect for this project and the people who
> make it what it is: Thank you!
> --
> Joao Barros

I appreciate your determination.  I'm just pissed that I've been warning
Warner for 9 months that there were hidden landmines with his position
on the PCI power-down code, and I've been completely brushed off by him.
Most other users don't have your determination.  Thank you, though, for
your work here.


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