sysctl or system tweak for symbolic links?

Forrest Aldrich forrie at
Fri Sep 9 11:14:05 PDT 2005


Using FreeBSD_6.0_Beta4 (applies to Beta2, also).

I'm trying to track down a problem I've been having with apache-2.0.54 
not following symbolic links.

It's basically come down to my being able to follow the link if it's in 
the same directory structure (ie: .. or /path/to/..), but fails if the 
symbolic link is located elsewhere (ie: /usr/local/path/directory) or on 
another disk.

I wonder if there's a sysctl or other system variable that handles the 
behavior of or access to symbolic links in this fashion that I may have 
missed.   Seemed like a reasonable conclusion after these tests have 
been failing, though it could be something else, too.


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