VIA 6420 SATA150 controller on FreeBSD 6.0

Søren Schmidt sos at FreeBSD.ORG
Thu Sep 8 06:30:33 PDT 2005

On 08/09/2005, at 9:15, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Søren Schmidt <sos at FreeBSD.ORG> writes:
>>> FreeBSD support hotplug SATA for this controller?
>> Well, assisted hotplug using atacontrol to detach/attach the devices.
>> Apparently the VIA chip doesn't have hotplug support build in, or at
>> least its unknown to me how to..
> It appears as though VIA 64XX might be able to do hotplug, at least
> according to the Linux SATA pages - at least they don't claim "does  
> not
> support for lack of information from PHY" or something to that extent
> which they do for other controllers.
> <>
> <>
> I am not sure if someone has actually tried to implement SATA hotplug
> for Linux on VIA chips though, so I'm deliberately writing "it appears
> ... it might", not "it does support...".
> Perhaps you can ask the Linux SATA guys where to look or get the  
> needed
> specs.

There is no support in Linux either for hotplug on the VIA (just  
checked) and I just ran through the (sparse) docs again to no avail.
When I added hotplug for those controllers that support it, I spent  
quite some time playing with the VIA chips to get them to interrupt  
when there is a PHY "surprise", but alas I didn't succed. Now the  
SATA regs shows that there was a change etc, but with the interrupt  
thats worth close to nothing...

Søren Schmidt
sos at

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