OvisLink Wireless

Mika mika at mean.net
Sat Sep 3 09:20:17 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 00:04 +0100, Jayton Garnett wrote:

> Also... would anyone know why my Linksys Router's wireless interface 
> keeps going down? The
> cat5 cable interface still works fine, and I just have too reboot the 
> router.

IMHO there is usually problem with the broadband/WiFi routers availible,
at least the ones that I've come in contact with (D-Link,Linksys,3Com)
The ones without WiFi seems to fine, but when you add WiFi capabilities
to them they become unstable. I would go for separate accesspoint and
router. It's all a question of money i guess, products aimed at service
providers seems to work a bit better, but they are not quite in the
right pricerange for home use ;)


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