Installation error Intel mobile ICH6M SATA controller.

Dean Patterson psamuel01 at
Sat Sep 3 13:30:19 PDT 2005

Well I checked it using the shell and it was marked as
active.  But the problem is that the ATA driver only
supports up to ICH5, per the man pages.  So how is
that situation handled?  I assume that I am NEVER
going to run FBSD on this laptop?

--- Darren Pilgrim <dmp at> wrote:

> From: Dean Patterson [mailto:psamuel01 at] 
> > 
> > I am sorry I should have mentioned that I also
> tried
> > explicitly setting the slice active.  I will try
> again
> > and check it using the shell;  however, when I
> tried
> > using the holographic shell nothing worked.  I
> tried
> > using fdisk, bsdlabel, and ls and I always get the
> > message "command not found."
> The holographic shell is not the same as the fix-it
> shell.  The
> holographic shell lacks, among other things proper
> paths, which makes it
> impossible to run many programs.  The "Fix-It" shell
> is a menu option in
> sysinstall and starts a fully-functional shell.

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