Installation error Intel mobile ICH6M SATA controller.

Darren Pilgrim dmp at
Fri Sep 2 17:50:33 PDT 2005

From: Dean Patterson
> PLEASE save me from LINUX!!  I can install FBSD on a
> Dell D610 laptop just fine, but when I reboot it does
> not recognize the drive/controller.  When I install
> the boot loader I am presented with the F1 option and
> when pressed I get "invalid slice."  When I install a
> standard MBR I get "invalid partition table."  Any
> fixes or patches?  I enjoy Gentoo, but I REALLY MISS

Run the fix-it shell and check which slices are marked active using
fdisk.  I don't know what the boot loader would do, but the standard MBR
will tell you the partition table isn't valid if there are no active
slices.  I've run into this issue where sysinstall doesn't automatically
mark the FreeBSD root slice active and doesn't warn you about having to
explicitly mark slice(s) active during install.

Tip: In most cases and assuming you not running something else as well,
your Windows and FreeBSD root slices should be the only slices marked

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