OvisLink Wireless

Jayton Garnett jay at codegurus.org
Fri Sep 2 16:04:57 PDT 2005


Could anyone tell me if there are plans to introduce the OvisLink 
Wireless network cards into FreeBSD?
The one I have uses a Texas Instruments chipset. 
I have done a search on 5.4R but this card is not supported, only two 
other OvisLink Cards are supported.

If you require any technical information about the card I would be more 
than willing to dig up some info if it
means the driver will make it into ANY future release of FreeBSD.

Also... would anyone know why my Linksys Router's wireless interface 
keeps going down? The
cat5 cable interface still works fine, and I just have too reboot the 

Kind regards,
Jayton Garnett

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