Default route doesn't change to wireless device (ath0)

Kevin Oberman oberman at
Thu Sep 1 17:14:39 PDT 2005

> From: Jochen Gensch <incmc at>
> Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 01:26:45 +0200
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> Am Freitag 02 September 2005 00:53 schrieb 
> > Right now, we refuse to modify the default route if another interface
> > has it, but the expected behavior is probably to modify it even if it's
> > on another interface if that interface is down.
> Something else: does that mean, once a non removable nic got the default route 
> it cannot be changed again? At least it seems like I'm experiencing that here 
> (Even though I tried so many different ways now, that I'm not too sure about 
> that any more, lol).
> > If the start_if.ath0 script isn't running, you should check that you have
> > removable_interfaces="ath0" in rc.conf.  Though, I saw some traffic that
> > say this was going away.
> >
> > Anyway, quoting Brooks in "HEADSUP: OpenBSD dhclient incoming"
> > "Second the pccard_ifconfig variable is only used as a default value for
> > interfaces that are on the removable_interfaces list, but do not have an
> > ifconfig_<if> variable. Third, interfaces must be on the
> > removable_interfaces list for pccard_ether to work."
> Yes, rc.conf looks as follows:
> --------------------------------
> background_dhclient="YES"
> ifconfig_fxp0="DHCP"
> ifconfig_ath0="WPA DHCP"
> removable_interfaces="ath0"
> However, as I'm not too familiar with things like "pccard_ifconfig variable" 
> it is difficult to follow you szenario. But it seems, that start_if.ath0 
> shouldn't run since ath0 has an ifconfig_ath0 entry here for wpa_supplicant.
> > There should not be a need to modify devd.conf as there is already this
> > line:
> >
> > attach 0 {
> >         device-name "$ethernet-nic-regex";
> >         action "/etc/pccard_ether $device-name start";
> > }
> Yep, I saw that right after your first reply.
> > I also saw some traffic from Brooks where he explicitly stated that
> > the new dhclient does not touch the default route if one is already
> > configured.  afaik, this should not actually be a problem because start_if
> > is always run before dhclient has a change to start.  Also I agree, it
> > would rather dangerous if dhclient just started flushing the routing
> > table.
> But it needs to be configurable somewhere. As I understand it now I cannot use 
> start_if.ath0 since it has a (mandatory) ifconfig_if entry in rc.conf related 
> to wpa_supplicant. Therefore one needs to hack it in somewhere by hand.
> > This is such a standard thing to want, it has to be done!
> Agreed :-) 

I do the command 'route flush' quite routinely and it seems to work for
me. I just tried it on my laptop with the fxp0 interface still up and it
deleted default just fine.

Did dhclient assign the default? Mine was static. Perhaps the flush
works, but dhclient is putting it back in.
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