freebsd-current Digest, Vol 112, Issue 11

Jochen Gensch incmc at
Thu Sep 1 16:27:20 PDT 2005

Am Freitag 02 September 2005 00:53 schrieb 

> Right now, we refuse to modify the default route if another interface
> has it, but the expected behavior is probably to modify it even if it's
> on another interface if that interface is down.

Something else: does that mean, once a non removable nic got the default route 
it cannot be changed again? At least it seems like I'm experiencing that here 
(Even though I tried so many different ways now, that I'm not too sure about 
that any more, lol).

> If the start_if.ath0 script isn't running, you should check that you have
> removable_interfaces="ath0" in rc.conf.  Though, I saw some traffic that
> say this was going away.
> Anyway, quoting Brooks in "HEADSUP: OpenBSD dhclient incoming"
> "Second the pccard_ifconfig variable is only used as a default value for
> interfaces that are on the removable_interfaces list, but do not have an
> ifconfig_<if> variable. Third, interfaces must be on the
> removable_interfaces list for pccard_ether to work."

Yes, rc.conf looks as follows:
ifconfig_ath0="WPA DHCP"

However, as I'm not too familiar with things like "pccard_ifconfig variable" 
it is difficult to follow you szenario. But it seems, that start_if.ath0 
shouldn't run since ath0 has an ifconfig_ath0 entry here for wpa_supplicant.

> There should not be a need to modify devd.conf as there is already this
> line:
> attach 0 {
>         device-name "$ethernet-nic-regex";
>         action "/etc/pccard_ether $device-name start";
> }

Yep, I saw that right after your first reply.

> I also saw some traffic from Brooks where he explicitly stated that
> the new dhclient does not touch the default route if one is already
> configured.  afaik, this should not actually be a problem because start_if
> is always run before dhclient has a change to start.  Also I agree, it
> would rather dangerous if dhclient just started flushing the routing
> table.

But it needs to be configurable somewhere. As I understand it now I cannot use 
start_if.ath0 since it has a (mandatory) ifconfig_if entry in rc.conf related 
to wpa_supplicant. Therefore one needs to hack it in somewhere by hand.

> This is such a standard thing to want, it has to be done!

Agreed :-) 


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