Non working keyboard in X11 after upgrade of basesystem

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Dec 28 05:53:05 PST 2005


I've upgraded my Laptop from a beginning of December -current to a 24.
December -current. After a reboot I wasn't able to use the keyboard in
X11 anymore (kbd driver). The NumLock and the like functionality works
in X11 (the leds are activated and deactivated as expected), but I
don't see characters appearing in the gdm login window when I type
something. The <ctrl>+<alt>+<backspace> X-server reset doesn't work
too, so I think X11 doesn't sees any input.

I tried to update to xorg-server-snap at 25. December, but this didn't
solved the problem. Still no working keyboard. I can't find any strange
looking message in the logs of the X-server which could explain this,
everything looks sane.

Then I updated to a 27. December -current. Still no working keyboard in
X11 (console works as expected, but I have to boot into single-user
mode, since I'm not able to switch to the console when X11 starts with
a normal boot).

I really updated the basesystem only on 24. December.

Does this sound familiar to someone? Any ideas what I could try to find
the cause of the problem? I update the source from a local repository
with CVS, but there's only a slow wireless connection, so it would take
very long to do a binary search of the change in -current which
resulted in this change.

Can this be related to the recent symbol versioning commits and I need
to rebuild the X11-libs?


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