ATI on FreeBSD! FireGL Linux Driver Port

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Dec 27 15:42:14 PST 2005

On Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:56:34 -0500
James Tanis <jtanis at> wrote:

> I'm not really sure what the point is. Develop a FreeBSD native module
> to support a linux-emulated DRM/X/etc? While the FreeBSD module is
> obviously necessary, ATI's X11/XOrg driver should be extremely
> portable seeing as how X's API is the same across platforms..

The X API and ABI was designed to allow to write once and run
everywhere (assuming the instruction set of the CPU is the same). The
reason why you see kernel modules from NVidia and ATI is that they need
features the DRI part of the XServer isn't able to deliver. The only
thing what needs to be ported is the kernel module. If I understand it
correctly, Chris is porting the kernel module.

So you can't talk about linux-emulated DRM, since there are no linux
specific parts involved (except for the little utilities which are
responsible to activate or show certain aspects of the driver).


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