"Native" journaling file systems?

petre at kgb.ro petre at kgb.ro
Mon Dec 19 16:19:47 PST 2005

>On 2005-12-19 10:28, Justin Smith <jsmith at drexel.edu> wrote:
> Are there any plans to develop UFS3--- i.e., a UFS2 file system with an
> added journal?

>Not sure.

> I've used several journaling file systems in Linux and like the Reiser
> FS except for one MAJOR drawback: When something goes wrong, reiser-fsck
> absolutely sucks at repairing things (Hans Reiser freely admits that but
> says it's never needed because nothing ever goes wrong).

hmmm, reiserfsck --rebuild-tree solved my problems twice; or was it pure
luck ? ;)

>Which is, FYI, absolutely and plainly bullshit.  I've seen Linux machines
>with Reiserfs die and cause major pains for dozens of people.  Hans may be
>a smart guy and a very successful businessman, but this particular
>statement is utter nonsense and I have the scars to prove it.

> A UFS3 might have the same desirable features.

>I can't help with the answer to this :)

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