DRM update for testing

Freddie Cash fcash at ocis.net
Mon Dec 19 15:13:54 PST 2005

On December 19, 2005 01:17 pm, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Freddie Cash <fcash at ocis.net> wrote:
>  > Running glxgears at 1024x768x16 gives me a decent 35 fps, compared
>  > to the 1 fps I used to get.  :)

> Uhm.  Are you sure that you're running hardware-accelerated
> OpenGL glxgears?

> I get 48 fps at 1400x1050x32 -- in software, without any
> hardware 3D acceleration.  (It's a 1.6GHz Centrino notebook
> with shared i915 graphics.  2D acceleration is enabled, of
> course.)

Yep.  It's a bog-slow laptop (2.8 GHz Celeron CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HD 
running at ATA33 instead of ATA100, Radeon 7000 GPU).  It may be a 2.8 
GHz CPU, but it runs like a a 1 GHz, even in Debian Linux.

Without DRM/DRI enabled in X, glxgears give single-digit framerates.  With 
DRM/DRI enabled in X, glxgears gives double-digit to triple-digit 
framerates (depending on window size).  The glxgears info also shows the 
hardware accel enabled and disabled correctly.

Running Debian Linux unstable on the same laptop showed slightly better 
framerates in glxgears (~50 fps fullscreen vs. ~30 in FreeBSD), but the 
harddrive was also running at ATA100 (not that that should affect 
glxgears all that much).

Freddie Cash
fcash at ocis.net

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