Adaptec SATA 1205sa support for FreeBSD 6.0

Søren Schmidt sos at
Sat Dec 17 11:39:10 PST 2005

Thomas Hurst wrote:
> * S?ren Schmidt (sos at wrote:
>>>Soren, what would you recommend for a plain SATA controller?
>>Something Promise, a tx2 or tx4 depending on channels needed.
> What about their 8 port cards like the SX8, or the [ES]X8300?

I have drivers for both in the works but since this is spare time work 
there is no timeline, unless it important enough for someone to contract 
me to do it ASAP.

The SX8 will be under ATA, but the EX83[50]0 will get their own driver 
as they are intelligent devices that doesn't fit the ATA driver model.


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