Adaptec SATA 1205sa support for FreeBSD 6.0

Mike Tancsa mike at
Thu Dec 15 12:55:51 PST 2005

At 03:17 PM 15/12/2005, Wilko Bulte wrote:

>Soren, what would you recommend for a plain SATA controller?  And what
>for one that can do true RAID1?

I am not Soren, but I have been using the 3ware 8500 series for some 
time and they work very well under FreeBSD, Linux and Windows in 
terms of reliability and reasonable performance.  We have a lot of 
FreeBSD boxes running on 3ware cards with RAID1 and we like them a 
lot.... Especially when it comes time to change out a dead 
drive.  Painless, easy and so far 100% reliable.


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