DRM update for testing

othermark atkin901 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 12:31:36 PST 2005

Eric Anholt wrote:
> I've got a patch at:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~anholt/dri/drm-sys-20051123.diff
> for testing, which merges DRM CVS into FreeBSD. 
> It doesn't
> bring in the via driver, which jakeb ported but which got overcome by
> new linux-specific code (volunteers to work on this in DRM CVS would be
> excellent!) in CVS.  Also, the i915 (i830 through i915 integrated
> graphics) driver should be pretty quick for someone with a bit of newbus
> knowledge to finish off, or it could be a chance someone who cared to
> learn more about the FreeBSD kernel :)

Thanks for your work on this, with the recent commits to this and agp_810 in
-current my card comes up and is detected and i915.ko  and drm.ko load.

Testing this and drm in X, generates a huge interrupt storm on irq 11. 
Things work, but are slow as molasses with the system 75% in interrupt

Has anyone else seen this on their 915 systems?
atkin901 at nospam dot yahoo dot com

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