Three years with -current

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Thu Dec 1 06:20:29 GMT 2005


As a testimony for the stability of the -current branch, I have just plunged 
in my archives, and fetched the earliest trace of -current on my local 
tinderbox :
between FreeBSD 5.0-RC #0: Thu Dec 12 01:40:32 CET 2002, and FreeBSD 
7.0-CURRENT #1000: Thu Dec  1 02:20:56 CET 2005, the machine (an old SMP BP6 
from Abit, with two Celerons) has been running -current.

It has been repeatedly upgraded via make buildworld / make buildkernel & alt.

The hardware setup has changed several times (the machine now runs with all 
its files on a gmirror RAID, the RAM went up and down, the NIC was rl, 
dc, ...), but there has not been a full installation in three years.

	Thanks to everyone for the good bits


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