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> 	. Something is wrong with the ed-driver (in my case --
> 	  Kingston's KNE-PC2T, FCC ID L40WST200). Kernel reports
> 	  being unable to do something with pccard1, then reports
> 		  ed1: ....
> 	  and hangs. I let it wait for an hour and it never continued
> 	  booting. I'll try to investigate, when I'm done installing.
> 	  The card worked just fine in a newer Pentium-II laptop under
> 	  FreeBSD-5.x

If the card is a 16bit pcmcia car make sure the bridge is set to 16bit.
I had a similar problem on an old Thinkpad when trying to use a 32bit
cardbus nic while the bridge was set to default to 16bit in the BIOS.
> 	. Dangerously dedicated mode did not work -- things installed,
> 	  but the BIOS would not boot (Read Error).

AFAIK the use of dangerously dedicated mode has been discouraged for
some time. I don't see any real advantage of using it, and some BIOSes
have problems booting from such disks. Just create a big slice covering
the whole disk and go on.
> 	. The third install succeeded with non-dangerous full disk and
> 	  separate file-systems and swap on ad0s1a, b, e, and d.

Note the you only need one MS-DOS partition and you can put all your
BSD partitions inside that one. Like I've said above I don't see any
advantage in using the partition-less mode.
> 	. World-rebuild is still running (with the attached make.conf)
> 	  -- about 8 hours already. WITNESS/INVARIANTS, probably, have
> 	  something to do with it too -- the disk is, obviously, not fast,
> 	  but the average load is firmly at 1.0 (or slightly above),
> 	  meaning that kernel keeps the CPU busy.

I wouldn't blame WITNESS on this. Laptops, especially old ones, have
incredibly slow disks. The buildworld process is heavily i/o bounded,
my bet is on the disk subsystem.

My experience with wi-fi on FreeBSD is limited, others surely can fill
in the blanks.

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