Trouble with 6 boot/loader: system resets

Stefan Bethke stb at
Sat Aug 27 21:32:59 GMT 2005

Am 27.08.2005 um 23:23 schrieb Stefan Bethke:
> Am 27.08.2005 um 21:54 schrieb Stefan Bethke:
>> I'm trying to boot a Lex barebone (VIA Eden based) off a CF card  
>> that shows up as a ad3. So far, the box has been booting off a  
>> 2.5" disk. boot and loader are RELENG_6 from Thursday. A 5-stable  
>> dmesg is attached below.
>> When trying to boot off the CF, boot will load loader. Then the  
>> machine resets.
>> I've tried loading /boot/kernel/kernel directly. It appears to  
>> load the kernel, but then I get a BTX panic. (I currently don't  
>> have a serial console, but I could try to transcribe the output if  
>> that would help.)
>> How can I best debug this? Should I try earlier or later versions?
>> I'm a bit reluctant to update loader on the hard disk: if the  
>> update makes the system unbootable, I would lose my router...
> I've put the 5-stable boot and loader on the CF card, and this  
> loader seems to work OK. However, the machines reboots immediately  
> once the RELENG_6 kernel is loaded and loader tries to boot it.

5-stable kernel boots up to "Mounting froot from ufs:/dev/ad3s1a",  
then hangs. I can break to the debugger, but I'm not sure what I  
should be looking at...


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