[PANIC] 6.0BETA2 in l2ping flood

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 18:14:55 GMT 2005

Jonatan and Pawel,

> +> This is a repeatable panic I get when l2ping flooding my tungsten.
> +> Maksim?
> +>
> +> repeatable panic with bluetooth on SMP
> +>
> +> #> l2ping -fa MyTungsten -s 65531


> Fixed in HEAD, thanks for the report.

first, let me thank you both for reporting the problem (Jonatan) and
spending time looking into this (Pawel). i was able to reproduce the
problem and have fix that i will commit after brief testing.

the patch Pawel has committed to HEAD indeed fixes the panic (thanks
Pawel!) however it somewhat hides bigger bug in the bluetooth l2cap
code. the panic happens when l2cap connection descriptor is deleted
with the l2cap command(s) pending in the queue. in this case when the
last l2cap command is deleted (due to cleanup) and reference counter
for the l2cap connection goes down to zero the auto disconnect timeout
is incorrectly set.


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