Boot loader messed up - How do I fix?

Rudy Rucker crapsh at
Mon Aug 22 19:11:04 GMT 2005

I figured this out.  Here was the problem:
  I put a USB keychain drive on my box and F5 was pointing to that.
  When I removed the USB device, F5 booted off my 3Ware card, as desired.

I am guessing that if I leave the USB drive in, redo boot0cfg on Drive 
1, then my boot menu (on Drive 1) would have something like this:

  F1: ??       (windoze)
  F2: FreeBSD
  F4: Drive 2  (USB drive)
  F5: Drive 3  (3Ware RAID card)


 >> I did a cvsup & made a new kernel & world  on August 9th but now I 
can't boot.
 >> This was on my second drive.  When I boot, I get this menu:
 >>  F1: ??
 >>  F2: FreeBSD   (old, May 31st FreeBSD 6.0 CURRENT)
 >>  F5: Drive 2   (newer, Aug 9th FreeBSD - CURRENT)
 >> F2 works fine.  F5 _used_ to go to my other drive and boot FreeBSD 
just fine.  I have updated along the CURRENT branch many times, so I 
sort of know what I am doing ;)

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