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Pav Lucistnik pav at
Mon Aug 22 13:26:40 GMT 2005

Andrew Gallatin píše v po 22. 08. 2005 v 09:23 -0400:

> > Try native mozilla/firefox, you will be pleasantly surprised with the
> > slicky smoothness of fonts delivered by freetype and libXft.
> I'm sorry, I should have mentioned:  Native versins of firefox and
> other gnomish things (thunderbird) look just as blurry. Xfce menus
> and title bars look bad, etc.  The only fonts which look decent
> are the 15-year old X11 fonts that xterm and xemacs use.

Ah, so the deal is that you actually don't like the antialiasing
smoothness we all love. Hmm.

www/mozilla port have "Enable Xft font anti-aliasing" option, you could
try to toggle this off and try it.

Pav Lucistnik <pav at>
              <pav at>

Ah I don't know what you mean, so I'll just sit here and smile at you :)
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