Daniel Dvorak dandee at
Sun Aug 21 01:32:18 GMT 2005

Hi all,


I have one question for you. My friend use Linux Debian and he use atheros
cards with madwifi drivers. Sam work together with others developers and I
found out that he committed interesting tool for linux users.


This tool is athctrl, which you know "athctrl program that sets the ack+cts
timeouts based on the distance between two stations". And I think that this
feature is useful not only for linux users but of course for users of others
os like FreeBSD etc. 


So, I do not know why the tool is not in main tree fbsd, maybe there is
reason for this and I do not know. Which it is my mistake, so if it is true,
I am sorry. Of course, I could not imagine how much work somebody has to do
for this, but I would like to only ask if possible now before final release
6.0 or in the future.


Does somebody think somebody could commit this tool for FreeBSD users ?


Thank you for your attention and time.





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