palm devices broken?

Ted Faber faber at
Thu Aug 18 16:06:54 GMT 2005

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 08:46:50AM +0900, Masahiko KIMOTO wrote:
>  > > > > Anyone had luck with 6.X or -CURRENT and Palm handhelds, pilot-xfer and
>  > > > > uvisor(4)? It just seems to not do anything anymore. Used to work on my
>  > > > > previous box, which was 5.4. Also old box was i386 and this new is
>  > > > > amd64...
>  > > > 
>  > > > Works for me (as well as it ever does; the fact that few programs agree
>  > > > with FreeBSD's notion of how USB devices should work is annoying) with a
>  > > > Treo 600 and a Tungsten T3, 6-CURRENT as of last week sometime, i386.
>  > > > 
>  > > 
>  > > Mine are also working on -CURRENT but I noticed a while back I had to
>  > > start kldloading my uvisor module manually before I could use it. 
>  > > maybe this is all that's missing?
>  > 
>  > No, I do load uvisor, of course.
> The diffs between 5.4 and -CURRENT is based on a patch I sent.
> So, please let me know model of your palm.

I'm not the fellow who started this thread, but I'm also having trouble
synching a palm on -CURRENT.

My palm is a Zire 31, I have uvisor loaded (and ucom and all that) and
I'm using pilot-xfer to load apps onto the palm.  This mostly works, but
some prc files (applications) particularly larger ones (say > 20KB) do
not install.  The USB connection seems to time out.

The command I use looks something like:

$ pilot-link -p /dev/cuaU0 -i .palm/backup/CoPilot.prc

I start the sync on the palm, then type the line above.  The palm
indicates that the synch has started but the transfer never progresses.
This same procedure works fine for non-application databases - sizable
ones (>3MB).  I've tried both pilot-link 0.11.8 from ports and
0.12.0-pre4 compiled from srcatch, and they both exhibit the same

I'm happy to provide traces or anything else that would be helpful, or
to try other ideas and patches.

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