kde applications crash (Was: no permissions to libc.so.x libpthread.so.x and other files)

Jonathan Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Aug 18 06:16:04 GMT 2005

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On 08/18/05 00:32, Stepan Rakhimov wrote:
> Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 17. August 2005 22:01, Stepan Rakhimov wrote:
>>> Thanks for your reply, but lastest investigations showed that Kmail
>>> craches with libc.so.6 and works with libc.so.5 only. That's why I
>>> didn't delete the old file as i want to. I think it's not normal
>>> behaviour, is it a known problem or my kde build's problem?
>>> I have the same problem with Kdevelop, but i cannot use libmap.conf with
>>> it, ldd says that it is "not a dynamic executable". (Kdevelop's
>>> backtrace is in attachment)
>> /usr/local/bin/kdevelop is a script, the real executable is 
>> kdevelop-bin. The kdevelop crash also looks somewhat familiar - are 
>> you running kdevelop-3.2.0? If so, consider upgrading to KDE 3.4.2 / 
>> KDevelop 3.2.2.
>> Also, if you've updated from FreeBSD 5.x to 6-BETA, you might want to 
>> recompile all your installed ports to make sure they all link against 
>> the same system libraries.
> As I've said I have all latest software (kdevelop 3.2.2 and kde 3.4.2)
> When I've upgraded from 5.3-release to 6-current I did recompile all the 
> ports (it was 4 or 5 months ago)
> Is it good solution to manually remove such old files like libc.so.5, 
> libpthread.so.1 libc_r.so.5 and make a symlinks to libc.so.6 
> lipthread.so.2 and libc_r.so.6 respectively?
> Since kmail works only with libc.so.5 for me, I'm afraid to get it 
> completely broken.

Short answer:
Recompile all your ports.

Long answer:
To see how polluted your binaries/libraries are, install the 
sysutils/libchk port and run "libchk -v".  You might want to redirect 
that to a file as it is quite verbose (note that firefox and thunderbird 
produce a lot of noise that can be ignored).  The only things that 
should be linked to libc.so.5 are 5.x binaries that you downloaded and 
didn't compile (e.g., the binary port of 'rar').  If you see more 
binaries linked to libc.so.5, you need to recompile all your ports. 
Once that is done, you may delete all unreferenced libraries (according 
to libchk) OLDER than your last build/install world.  Until there is a 
misc/compat5x port, I use the following settings in /etc/libmap.conf so 
I can delete ALL old libraries (but still allow 'rar' to work):

# Work with 5.x binaries
libc.so.5                       libc.so.6
libm.so.3                       libm.so.4
libstdc++.so.4                  libstdc++.so.5

Hope that helps,

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