kde applications crash (Was: no permissions to libc.so.x libpthread.so.x and other files)

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 18 06:13:25 GMT 2005

On Thursday, 18. August 2005 07:32, Stepan Rakhimov wrote:
> As I've said I have all latest software (kdevelop 3.2.2 and kde 3.4.2)
> When I've upgraded from 5.3-release to 6-current I did recompile all the
> ports (it was 4 or 5 months ago)

If I remember correctly, the library revisions were bumped quite a bit later 
than that.

> Is it good solution to manually remove such old files like libc.so.5,
> libpthread.so.1 libc_r.so.5 and make a symlinks to libc.so.6
> lipthread.so.2 and libc_r.so.6 respectively?

Removing them is good (because it will make applications which still link to 
them very visible), symlinking them to the new versions is not.

> Since kmail works only with libc.so.5 for me, I'm afraid to get it
> completely broken.

Just as a data point, there have been no other reports of general kmail 
breakage on 6-CURRENT that I'm aware of.

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