Panic during install on Sparc64 - Only with large HDD

Søren Schmidt sos at FreeBSD.ORG
Wed Aug 17 16:57:42 GMT 2005

On 14/08/2005, at 21:47, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> Hi Søren,
> Thanks a bunch for your reply!
> Yea, I thought it may have been a 137GB limitation, I wasn't  
> positive though.
> Thanks for clearing it up.
> Also, shouldn't we modify the output with a dev_printf or something  
> of the
> like on device init to note this if the drive attached is > 137GB?

I've just committed the workaround a few hours ago, it just uses PIO  
access for locations that need 48bit mode. Let me know if there are  
problems with it...

- Søren

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