Panic during install on Sparc64 - Only with large HDD

Søren Schmidt sos at FreeBSD.ORG
Mon Aug 15 11:14:36 GMT 2005

On 14/08/2005, at 21:47, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> Hi Søren,
> Thanks a bunch for your reply!
> Yea, I thought it may have been a 137GB limitation, I wasn't  
> positive though.
> Thanks for clearing it up.

Please try the attached patch and let me know how it goes.
It reduces disk size so 48BIT mode is not engaged at all.
However one could just use PIO above the 48BIT cutoff, but I'm not  
certain that works always either so better on the safe side.

Anyhow,you are not supposed to use modern disks on that HW anyways :)

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- Søren

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