mounting device acd0t01

Ádám Szilveszter dr. adam at
Mon Aug 15 10:36:14 GMT 2005


Chris Gilbert wrote on 2005.08.15 12:15:59:

> Well, AFAIK, *cd*t* (like acd0t01) are for multisession disks.
> I have personally only ever seen this when dealing with audio CDs, with
> a tXX for every audio track.
> You shouldn't have to mount those at all.
> Mounting it as a ISO CD9660 filesystem is impossible if it is an audio
> CD, since the data in those tracks is PCM and not a filesystem. 

Except if it is one of those mixed mode CDs that contain numerous audio 
tracks and then some multimedia bonus material at the end. In this case I 
need to mount the multimedia part which is normal ISO9660 fs. In very old 
days, with the wcd* driver, this used to be possible. But recently, 
beginning with 4.x and then on 5.0-CURRENT and early 6.0-CURRENT, I either 
got an error message, or in some cases even a panic. (I have not tested 
with -CURRENT lately, but will soon just as a datapoint)

Szilveszter ADAM
Budapest Hungary

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