[Patch] Serial ATAPI is not recognized

Vadim Chekan vchekan at cox.net
Sat Aug 13 00:54:58 GMT 2005

Søren Schmidt wrote:

> On 12/08/2005, at 2:15, Vadim Chekan wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> I've bought a SATA dvd burner, Plextor PX-712-SA and found that  
>> FreeBSD 6 does not recognize it. But freebsd-5 does. After some  time 
>> spent on investigation I found that it needs reset commad be  issued 
>> In ata-chipset.c:ata_sata_connect() I put
>>     ata_udelay(10000);
>> before
>>    if ((ATA_IDX_INB(ch, ATA_CYL_LSB) == ATAPI_MAGIC_LSB) &&
>> and it works now. At least I checked burncd in CDRW mode. It hungs  
>> or gives error at the end but produces valid CD.
> SATA/ATAPI is not supported yet, and the above patch is by far not  
> enough for all systems to work.
> In fact you are just lucky on your system, for the heck of it I tried  
> it here and my test system lost all its SATA disks :)
> Support is in the works and will hit -current when its stable enough  
> for general usage....
> - Søren
Then I'll be one of the first who check this support.
Thanks for your job!

BTW, I was a little bit puzzled by the code in
/* XXX SOS this is a hack to satisfy various legacy cruft */
    ch->r_io[ATA_CYL_LSB].res = ctlr->r_res2;
    ch->r_io[ATA_CYL_LSB].offset = ATA_AHCI_P_SIG + 1 + offset;
    ch->r_io[ATA_CYL_LSB].res = ctlr->r_res2;
    ch->r_io[ATA_CYL_MSB].offset = ATA_AHCI_P_SIG + 3 + offset;

If I understand the logic of the code correct, in the line before last 
should be ATA_CYL_MSB, not ATA_CYL_LSB. Looks like it's typo and 
ch->r_io[ATA_CYL_MSB].res is never initialized by this code. Neither I 
can find where it is initialized at all. But somehow it works !?


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