6.0-Beta2: dhclient instability

Doug Poland doug at polands.org
Fri Aug 12 11:59:24 GMT 2005

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 09:07:56AM -0700, Frank Jahnke wrote:
> I have a problem with dhclient becoming unstable.  
> I'm running 6.0-beta2 and Gnome 2.10 on a dual Althon machine.  On
> boot, everything is fine.  After visiting a few web pages with
> Epiphany, dhclient goes from a minor process to one that consumes an
> entire CPU.  The machine is still reasonably responsive, but needless
> to say, its capacity goes way down.
> It does not seem to be related to the web site visited, or the
> scheduler used (ULE or 4BSD).  Downloading mail repeatedly also does
> not trigger the problem.
I had a similar problem with -beta2.  Brooks had me recompile and
reinstall dhclient.  After performing the following steps, dhclient has
worked for me on this ath0 interface.  

cd /usr/src/sbin/dhclient
make clean
make CFLAGS=3D-g STRIP=3D=20
make CFLAGS=3D-g STRIP=3D install

You might want to submit a PR.  Brooks was right on top of it and
interested in what was causing the problem.


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